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April 22, 2009

Rejection Redemption

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This has been a roller-coaster day. After long periods of silence, two actual pieces of news!

First was not so good — I got the dreaded “thin letter” from a school that I had high hopes for. I had applied to one position that had been shriked and then reopened, and then the SC called and said they had a second position open and would I like to apply to that one too — so I felt that there was at least a modicum of interest. But, it was not to be (although they appreciated my effort and interest).

Then got a phone call from the local branch of For-Profit University (FPU) — they really have a lot of needs in my subject area and want me to come give them a teaching demo. Not really where I thought I might be going, but hey, you gotta pay the bills.

I’ve still got two packages out for spring searches in a neighboring state, but I’m getting resigned to the fact that this may not be my year. Sigh.

The good news is:

  • I will no longer be ABD, but “PhD in hand”
  • I can pay the bills
  • I will have time to work on getting a piece of my dissertation out into publication
  • I will be much better positioned for the upcoming fall hiring season

Those are not bad things


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