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April 19, 2009

Important Data Keepsake

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Back in an earlier incarnation, I had a classmate in grad school who had his computer take a dump on him about two weeks before his thesis was due — no chance of recovering from the machine, so he had to work frantically (and get an extension) to be able to graduate. Fortunately, the story ended well, but since then I’ve always been very protective of the data that’s important to me.

Exhibit one: My dissertation. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost the sucker. Probably would eat my Glock. So it gets backed to to another computer on my home network, onto a flash drive, and then to the computer in my office. Now, I’ve started to use one of the free online backup services: Mozy Home. It automatically backs up your data (up to 2 GB) to their servers, so you have an offsite backup, just in case (think: your house burning down). It runs in the background, and backs your stuff up without you having to do a darn thing. That’s the kind of thing that works for me. Did I mention it’s free (free as in beer!) for 2 GB? That’s plenty for key data (like your dissertation and manuscripts).
There’s a few similar services. I’ve heard good things about Dropbox, which is also useful for working on the same files from several locations, but you have to actually move things to the dropbox, while Mozy is automatic. Either way, highly recommended!

Mozy Home (full disclosure: if you go via this link and sign up, I get a little bit of extra space for the referral. Otherwise just go to


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