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April 10, 2009

Piled Higher and Deeper

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As someone who is fully in the throes of trying to land a job the spring job market, I’m having a hard time dealing with some of the bullsh*t comments (albeit with a healthy leavening of good sense) on this thread at the Chronicle.

The underlying idea seems to be that those of us who didn’t get picked up in the “normal” fall hiring process are somehow damaged goods (“weird or anti-social”) — because if we were really any good, we’d already have a job — no matter how good the CV looks.

WTF, over? Have these folks been living in a phone booth? Someone needs to hand these search committees a clue about the current state of affairs in the job market. These folks have apparently had “it” piled higher and deeper for so long that they can’t see anything but brown.

I particularly loved the guy who didn’t think much of applicants who were selective in their applications: “The question then arises, do you want to hire someone who was too arrogant to apply for positions similar to yours to begin with…?” So only search committees can be selective? And, how in the wide, wide world of sports does this fool presume to know where the candidate has or has not applied? Maybe I just want to work at your school?

In the IT world, they call that an ID-ten-t error (ID10T). The other way to think of it is that the person has a serious inferiority complex about the institution — we really suck compare to other schools, so anyone who looks like they have talent who applies must be hiding something. Wish I knew what school that was, so I can skip that application.



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