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April 4, 2009

Science fiction double-feature

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… Doctor X will build a creature

(sorry, got carried away there)

Had myself a fiction double-feature yesterday. I needed to wait a day to process everything before I blogged about it so I could get all the weirdness straight.
Fast-rewind to the end of last semester — I had two students turn in exactly the same papers for a take-home final. It wasn’t even good (about a 55%) and all the shared errors were unique, so I didn’t hesitate to file academic misconduct charges. Finally, we got to the actual misconduct hearing yesterday. The students basically said that they colluded on part of the exam, but didn’t mean to share the whole thing, so it was all a big mistake, and what was the big deal about it anyway? Their final argument was that “if we really meant to cheat, we wouldn’t have done this poorly”.
Something about “the blind leading the blind” came to my mind at that point.

That was actually the second part of the fiction double-feature. I had given an exam the day before, and one of my students didn’t show up. Student emailed me later and admitted oversleeping (because of studying for my exam so long the night before, natch) and begged for mercy.
Feeling charitable, I allowed a makeup exam, but with a 20% (2 grade) deduction. Student had obviously not studied at all, nor had read or taken notes in class, since the raw score (before my deduction) was a light-running 68%. At least the part about sleeping in wasn’t fictional.





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  1. Boy, you just gave me flashbacks to college night school! At that time I was employed in the savings and loan world in their commercial real estate despartments. Survived the S&L debacle and worked for a RTC contractor. Working full-time, college courses at night, and raising a toddler is a load. There were numerous science fiction double-features and a few out-of-body experiences to boot!

    Comment by Sharon E. Dreyer — April 4, 2009 @ 4:43 pm | Reply

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