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March 16, 2009

I’m my own Granpa – er, secretary

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Just had to love the email I got from one of my students. (Commentary interspersed)

Hey there
(wow, I’m really impressed already… just screams “professional” … has the student forgotten who I am? Is this really for me? I really hope the student doesn’t send emails to the boss that start that way)
I understand that it is due today and I have turned in my work
(well, that’s good, since the assignment has been discussed in class and been posted online for two weeks)
I wanted to apologize for you having to read something that I feel does not represent my best work.
(gee thanks. I guess you won’t be getting my best grade either)
My case study is kind of short.
(No kidding! Two paragraphs … you turned in two freakin’ paragraphs? Let me guess, you started an hour before the turn-in time and you hadn’t read any of the material, so you had no clue, so you dashed off whatever came into your head before you ran out of ideas)
I have wanted to try to schedule an appointment with you but have been unable to.
(Hey there, no problem. Just get with my secretary and she’ll get you on my calendar. Wait a sec! I had a secretary in my previous life, but now I’m a freakin’ adjunct/grad student. I don’t have a secretary. Wow, that means … let me think … you just have to ask me! You haven’t said word one to me … even in class. So who were you trying to schedule an appointment with, eh? Oh yes, I understand. You are really saying that you haven’t gotten around to asking me yet)
my apologies
(no kidding)


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