The Unknown Adjunct

February 24, 2009

Pity Party Panic

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Sorry for the pity party last post. It got even worse.
I handed in my application to graduate … supposed to be a good thing, right? Well, I got handed back the little sheet on what happens after I finish … no university email, no library, no computer support …
No problem, thinks I, the department said they wanted me to adjunct in the Fall, so I keep on going with my EMU affiliation.

But, I made the mistake of checking in with the department. New word is that the College is $1.5 mil in the hole due to budget cuts, and they have to give the money back. So, no adjuncts for fall, and even some GTA’s will lose funding.
(what, and have tenured faculty teach freshmen gov’t?)

Now I’m really tuned up. I head up to the office and find that, to top off the whole shebang, I’ve lost my cell phone.
Now is the time to panic. Spend the next hour frantically retracing my steps on campus in fruitless search, so I call up my cell phone company and have them brick the phone.
After my next class, I call my significant other on the landline. SO is also in a panic, since all phone calls to me get a “this caller is no longer receiving calls” message. We spend the next 30 minutes calming each other down.

I can tell you, I really sort of went off the deep end mentally. We had already decided to wait the current job market out, that we had plenty of money to pay our bills even if I didn’t have a job, so all of this should not have gotten to me, but it sure did.
I’m starting to think … start applying to everything in sight, even if I don’t want to work there. Where is the Lowe’s home page so I can apply? Maybe I should delay my graduation through next fall to keep my institutional affiliation. Yikes! I was ready to sacrifice a goat and read the entrails.

My SO and I hashed it out over margaritas (hooray for tequila!). In the end, reason prevailed, and I am going to defend and graduate at the end of this semester (prolonging the agony of dissertating is stupid), I’m not going to apply for jobs that I don’t want (sorry, don’t need a job that bad), and I’m not going to put my skills to work at Lowe’s either.
I haven’t been that freaked out since … well, it’s been a long time. To take a line out of “The Right Stuff”, now’s the time to “maintain an even strain”.


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