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January 26, 2009

Weather Wonderland

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I feel like I’m channeling rateyourstudents, but this was too much to pass up …

Here at EMU, we are facing worsening winter weather and an accompanying ice storm. I just posted a note on our online system (which I instruct my students to check before every class) stating: If classes are not officially canceled, class will go on as scheduled.

Should be clear enough, but rewind to finals of last semester:
Me to class: The weather may be iffy, but the final will be held on schedule unless the school officially cancels class.
Snowflakes: But it’s an 8:00 am final, and the weather may be bad.
Me (patiently): Unless school is officially canceled, I will be here giving the final at the scheduled time. If you don’t want to show up and can stand taking a zero, that’s up to you.

Day of finals at 9:00 —
Snowflake (breathlessly walking in): Sorry I’m late, but I saw that the weather was bad, so I just called the department to see if finals were canceled.
Me: Did you know that school had not been canceled?
Snowflake: Yes, but I wanted to make sure.
Me: Like I said last class, if school isn’t canceled, finals will go as scheduled.
Snowflake: That’s what the lady at the department said.
Me: OK, you’ve got an hour to finish your final.

Quiz for the day: How many students will email me tonight to ask if class if canceled?


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