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January 23, 2009

Shrike-d Job Listings (updated)

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Such a nice, harmless-looking bird

Such a nice, harmless-looking bird

In contrast to my previous post, here’s yet another of the drumbeat of stories on the awful academic job market this year, including news about “spiked listings”. But, I think that “shriked” is a better term. In the newspaper world, “spiked” means that the story won’t be run — so it’s effectively gone. However, this isn’t what is happening in the job market. Instead, job listings are being put on hold until several months down the road, “just in case”.

We have a fair amount of shrikes around my place. They have the habit of impaling their prey on thorns or other spiky objects and then coming back to eat them at their leisure. I’ve been notified that several of the searches that I’ve applied for have been put on hold — so my application (along with others) is now stuck somewhere until the search committee gets around to it. So the job is actually “shriked”.

Village Voice: Outlook Grim for Prospective Professors



  1. […] I’ve seen in my job hunt so far. Almost all of the SLACs that I’ve applied for have shriked their searches for now, and the only thing that seems active right now are the lower-tier state […]

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  2. […] re-advertised the position. I don’t know if this is one of the deals where the listing was shriked pending budget information or whether they just weren’t happy with the applicant […]

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