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January 23, 2009

Looking for the right feeding spots in the academic trough

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I get this all the time: “What part of the market are you looking in?”

Ummm … anywhere they will take me?  Probably not the best answer.  Nor is “warm weather schools with lots of good recreational activities and inexpensive housing”.

Well … I’m not going to anywhere where I will be an adjunct or term faculty, and I won’t go to a school where I have to teach 5 large “101-level” sections until the end of time.  I don’t need a job that badly.  That means a tenure-track job at a decent school.

Part of me wants to go to a Liberal Arts school and just concentrate on teaching and working with students.  I like teaching and mentoring — a lot.  That is something that really attracts me for this stage of life.

On the other hand (insert Harry Truman quote here), my dissertation research is really turning to gold, so it looks like I will have a solid research agenda for the foreseeable future, so teaching a two sections at a research university and trying to put out a constant stream of articles is also something that attracts me.  At the same time, I’m not really sure that I want to climb the “publish or perish” ladder.

The challenge here is separating “what I can do” from “what I want to do”.  I can do a lot of things — including returning to either the government or business sector — but I don’t necessarily want to do that.

I guess I’ll see what (if anything) comes back from my job applications and see where I think I will fit the best.  After all, an interview works both ways.


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